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Proven Platform

An in-house platform powering thousands of locations. Leverage one platform for channel wrapping, menu boards, and other forms of dynamic communication.

Flexible Implementation

Implement via IPTV, RF or a hybrid system. FanConnect offers a wide assortment of hardware and technology options to best suit individual requirements.

Best Fan Experience

Provide the experience your venue deserves. Keep your attendees engaged and coming back for more. Display live event feeds integrated with real-time stats and scores, social feeds, news and weather, and more.

Increased Sponsorships

FanConnect makes it incredibly easy for teams and venues to sell sponsor advertising. We help eliminate all the guesswork with pre-built inventories, producing huge returns year after year.

About US

Not all IPTV and digital signage companies are created equal.
Why FanConnect?

In today’s sports and entertainment environments, providing fans with an unparalleled entertainment experience is the top priority. From the time they enter the venue to the final buzzer, the focus needs to be on how you keep the fan engaged and coming back for more. As a spin off of 10 Foot Wave, FanConnect helps sports and entertainment clients turn their venue into a dynamic experience fans will never forget. Whether it’s IPTV or CATV featuring live game streams / broadcasts accompanied by stats and social media in the concourses, menu boards in the concessions, targeted messaging in the suites, fantasy stats at the bar, or a channel dedicated to upcoming events, FanConnect delivers dynamic digital content and video in a reliable and cost-effective manner.



There's a lot of horsepower under the FanConnect hood.
Louis Gates
Louis Gates
Products and Software
When it comes to developing robust digital signage solutions, very few could measure up to Mr. Gates. Having joined the company back in 2008, Louis has been instrumental in taking both the 10 Foot Wave and FanConnect digital marketing platforms to the next level.
Larry Witherspoon
Larry Witherspoon
As a 20 year veteran in the sports industry, Larry has practically seen and done it all. Career highlights include working for the Seattle Mariners as VP of Technology Services, running as the CEO and building up the sports and entertainment division as a President for Alvarado Manufacturing. He’s even ran the Olympic torch!
Eric Osguthorpe
Eric Osguthorpe
Infrastructure and Support
As passionate fan of sports and technology, Eric joined 10 Foot Wave in 2010 as a systems engineer and was snatched up when FanConnect spun off to focus on the sports and entertainment vertical. Our expert from the servers to the seats.